“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” Mark 16:15

Do you want to impact the world?

Help preach the gospel in over 300 million homes. Reach over 6million on social media with the power of the Holy Spirit? Today is the day to step into your calling… to stand up. To be bold. To change lives. Today is your day.

Why Partner with GOD TV?

We believe you can impact the world.

You are a world changer.

That is how we see everyone who partners with GOD TV. We see you as world changers… and because of that we want to pour into you. Help you grow in your walk with the Lord. Click the buttom below to see how GOD TV supports our world changing partners.

Daily 3-5min Videos to help you start your day with the Lord

24/7 access to teaching, preaching, worship and prayer

Weekly Digital Bible Studies and Guides - Free Resources

Daily Facebook Lives where you can be ministered to by a member of our team LIVE

Prayer team you can call when you need someone to stand in faith with you

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This is for those of you who are passionate about having the Gospel preached around the world. Passionate about reaching just one more life with the power of the Gospel.

Your $50/month partnership allows us to be in 5,000 more homes! That’s right—for the cost of one pizza night a month with the family, you can bring the life-changing message of Jesus to thousands. Jesus said, “Therefore, go into all the earth and make disciples…”this is your GO for 2022!


This is for those of you who love Israel. You know what God’s Word says about those who bless Israel— they will be blessed. But you don’t support Israel just to be blessed. You support Israel because you feel God’s “unceasing anguish” for his firstborn (Rom. 9:1-5) and your know that one day God has promised “ALL Israel will be saved” (Rom. 11:26) and what a harvest that will be!

By supporting Shelanu TV, Israel’s 24/7 Hebrew-speaking Gospel outreach to the Jewish people, you have an unprecedented opportunity to reach Israel NOW—every day—with the Good News like never before.


This is for those of you passionate about revival. Never before in history has humankind been able to connect anywhere on the planet in seconds like we do with ease today. You want to see revival fires spark and digital media is the key for seeing those flames spread around the world.

Revival is happening right now in pockets around the globe. Your $350/month partnership will help bring these powerful moves of God right into the living room, tablet, or phone of millions who are hungry for more of the Lord.

”I think the world of GOD TV! It’s a lifeline and such a great encouragement! After watching other things it is such a relief often coming back to God TV! I wouldn’t like to miss it for the world!! Well done you ALL! Love and blessing!”

Willem S.

MARCH 2021

GOD TV viewers aren’t just numbers, they’re real people


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Salvations every month all around the world

got questions?

Great! We have answers.

How are my donations used?

Your donations are used to create content for 6.6M+ social media followers, 3M+ blog readers, create new powerful programs for GOD TV and Shelanu TV, Christian programs that reach over 300M+ homes.

How can I be involved?

In reaching a global audience, we have a constant need for prayer and financial partnership that enable us to continue to create fresh content. The simplest way to get involved today is to follow our GOD TV social media channels for information, updates, prayer opportunities, and the latest partnership campaigns.

Where can I watch GOD TV and Shelanu TV?

GOD TV is streaming live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on god.tv. You can also download the GOD TV app by visiting god.tv/app for instant access wherever you are! Shelanu TV is streaming live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on shelanu.tv.